People examining an emergency evacuation map

Emergencies and personal safety

We're committed to keeping our students, staff and visitors safe. Familiarise yourself with our emergency procedures, so that you are prepared in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Emergencies can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. 要做好独立回答问题的准备,尤其是在加班的情况下. 



调用 三重零

If your life is being threatened, or if someone is seriously ill or injured, or if you just witnessed a serious incident dial 三重零 (000) for emergency services (fire/ambulance/police).

  1. Warn anyone in immediate danger
  2. Contain or manage the situation, if safe to do so
  3. 通过激活“紧急呼叫点”(打破玻璃警报)来发出警报
  4. Evacuate via your closest safe exit
  5. 致电紧急服务 三重零 (000)

致电保护服务 02 9351 3333



许多紧急帮助点位于坎珀当/达林顿校园,可以在澳门皇冠app下载的网站上找到 地图 在“设施”. These help points provide a direct link to 保护服务.

You can also reach 保护服务 on 1800 Syd HLP (1800 793 457).


In some situations, you may be required to evacuate. 大学全体员工, 学生和访客必须响应紧急警报并遵循指示.

  1. Check for any sign of immediate danger
  2. Shut down equipment/processes that cannot be left unattended
  3. 找到最近的出口
  4. 遵循出口标志找到走出大楼的路(不要使用电梯)
  5. 进入装配区
    Until further notice due to COVID-19, you are encouraged to maintain physical distancing while assembling. 如果你需要分散,待在附近(在建筑物的视线范围内). 当地紧急事务管理员, 保护服务人员或紧急服务人员将指示何时可以安全进入建筑物.

您将通过建筑物公告或其他机制收到紧急封锁通知. 实施这些程序是为了确保建筑居住者免受外部威胁,例如.g. severe storms or civil disturbance.

  1. 保持冷静
  2. 待在大楼里
  3. 听从工作人员、防护服务部门和应急服务部门的指示

视乎情况,你可能会被要求远离裸露的窗户, 转移到建筑物内的安全区域或遵循其他具体指示.

If a person is seriously ill or injured don't hesitate to call 三重零 (000),然后叫救护车.

  1. 调用 三重零 (000),然后叫救护车
  2. 如果这个人失去意识, 发送最近的AED -选择相关校园和“设施”下的“除颤器” 校园地图.
  3. 呼叫保护服务(02 9351 3333)
  4. Send people to flag and direct the ambulance on arrival


aed易于使用. 他们通过视觉和语音提示一步一步地指导用户. 澳门皇冠app下载的aed会口头要求应答者按下闪烁的电击按钮. 除非检测到心跳异常,否则aed不会造成电击.

An AED should be applied as soon as possible. CPR should be administered while the AED is being retrieved.

使用aed是安全的,只是在电击过程中不要接触病人, as instructed by the voice prompt.

要找到离你最近的AED,请选择相关的校园和“设施”下的“除颤器” 校园地图.

危险物质包括各种形式的化学品、生物物质和放射性物质. 与危险材料打交道的工作人员和学生必须为紧急情况做好计划,包括需要迅速停止工作,并对泄漏或不受控制的释放做出反应. 具体的危险信息请参阅相关的安全数据表(SDS).


  1. If safe to do so, control the source of release or contain the spill
  2. Evacuate and secure the immediate area
  3. Determine if local and/or emergency services assistance is required

If the incident can be managed locally

  1. Ensure that two trained staff are allocated to clean-up the spill
  2. Use appropriate personal protective equipment
  3. 吸收任何游离液体,收集任何固体和/或通风
  4. Collect, label and dispose of spill residue as hazardous waste
  5. Decontaminate the affected area and equipment

If emergency services assistance is required

  1. 调用 三重零 (000)及防护服务(02 9351 3333)
  2. 确保参与事故的工作人员/学生能够协助紧急服务
  3. Contact Safety Health and Wellbeing (02 9351 5555).

Many of the University's buildings are serviced by natural gas. This natural gas can be detected by odour.

天然气在自然通风的地方会迅速消散,引起火灾或爆炸的危险有限. 尽管如此, 避免在附近地区使用手机(这可能是潜在的火源).


  1. 离开
  2. 呼叫保护服务(02 9351 3333)


  1. Warn anyone in immediate danger
  2. Notify local emergency responders
  3. Evacuate to a well-ventilated external area
  4. 呼叫保护服务(02 9351 3333)

炸弹威胁 are usually received via a telephone call. 如果你收到炸弹威胁:

  1. 保持冷静
  2. 不断开通话
  3. Record as much information as possible
  4. 调用 Campus 保护服务 (02 9351 3333)
  5. Notify your supervisor and head of area



  1. 去一个热闹的地方
  2. Attract the attention of other people in the area
  3. 呼叫保护服务(02 9351 3333)


  1. 挂断电话
  2. Report the incident to your supervisor and 保护服务 (02 9351 3333)

Aggressive or potentially violent person

  1. 试着保持冷静
  2. 提醒附近的人
  3. 要自信,但要有礼貌
  4. Attempt to de-escalate the situation
  5. Activate a duress device or call 保护服务 (02 9351 3333),只有在安全的情况下才这样做

Watch a video on responding to personal threats.

  1. Politely challenge strangers by asking: "Can I help you?"
  2. Report suspicious behaviour to 保护服务 (02 9351 3333)


If someone responds aggressively to the standard challenge, withdraw from the situation and call 保护服务(02 9351 3333).

In the event of a threat or attack with a weapon:

Leave the immediate area, if safe to do so.



如果你需要躲起来, 考虑把自己和他人锁在一个安全的地方,不断地重新评估你的选择,以逃脱或躲到一个更好的地方. 作为最后的手段,如果你被侵犯者发现,考虑选择保护自己.


When safe, advise the police of your situation by dialing 三重零 (000).

For more detailed information refer to the 澳大利亚-新西兰反恐怖主义委员会-针对拥挤场所的武装罪犯指南.


熟悉大学的标准紧急应变程序及紧急出口, safe exit paths and assembly areas for various teaching spaces. In the event of an alarm activation:

  1. Encourage your students to remain calm
  2. 请学生收拾好个人物品,准备撤离
  3. Check that the available exits are clear and free of danger
  4. 引导学生撤离
  5. 如有任何问题,请向监狱长、保护服务部门或出席的紧急服务部门报告

Until further notice due to COVID-19, encourage students to maintain physical distancing while assembling. 如果你需要分散,待在附近(在建筑物的视线范围内). 当地紧急事务管理员, 保护服务人员或紧急服务人员将指示何时可以安全进入建筑物.

皇冠体育app emergency procedures


Counselling, support and reporting services

We have a number of counselling services available, 如果你曾在校内或校外目睹或参与重大事件:

If you need to report an incident of sexual harassment or assault, or make a complaint about misconduct, call our confidential helpline, 1800 Syd HLP (1800 793 457).

澳门皇冠app下载还有其他的 为性侵犯受害者提供的支持和报告机制.


  • 看这个 short video about getting around 校园 safely.
  • 下载 皇冠体育app应用程序 for access to 地图, locations and amenities.
  • 如果你在校园里感到不安全,或者你担心其他人的安全, 致电保护服务 02 9351 3333 一天24小时. 安全巡逻人员可以协助护送你从建筑物到你的车辆, to the local bus stop or to the local railway station.
  • Keep your contact details up to date in 悉尼的学生 or myHRonline 这样,一旦校园发生紧急情况,警报就会发送到你的手机上. 你也可以下载 Sydney Uni Alert app (pdf, 104KB).
  • Avoid isolated areas, particularly after hours. 免费穿梭巴士 operate to help you get around quickly and safely in the evenings.
  • 在大学周围行走时,要注意交通,并使用指定的十字路口. Never cross a road while using headphones or a mobile phone.
  • 大学的某些区域对健康和安全构成特定风险, such as laboratories and workshops. Access to these areas is restricted. Find out more information about 限制区域
  • 如果你有身体状况或残疾,可能会影响你的健康或校园安全, please disclose this confidentially to relevant staff.
  • If you notice a safety hazard, contact Campus Assist on 1300年校园 (1300 226 787)